Buyer Resources

It’s important to understand that we provide real estate consultation and do not try to sell you something you don’t want.   When you see a home you like, you’ll know it. Our job is to walk you through the process and make sure that your best interests are covered in negotiating the transaction and ensure the home you choose is inspected and in good condition.  Home buying is a process, the better you understand the process, the more successful you will be in the transaction. We provide you information on the process and match you with top-quality professionals to assist with inspections, mortgage and closing services as you request. 

In the initial stages of your home search we can point you in the right direction to areas of the city that best fit your lifestyle and commuting requirements.  We can discuss the home that will best suit you and then network with area realtors to see what homes they have coming to the market so you can be first in the door.  If you are an out of state buyer we can preview homes that might interest you and give you our feedback based on your home preferences. We will also make sure that you have spoken with a respected mortgage professional and are comfortable and pre-approved for price range you are looking at.

Once you start looking at homes and find the one that best meets your needs, we will complete the required paperwork and present and negotiate your offer.  We will make sure your future home is inspected and will be a quality home for you today and a good home to sell down the road. We will discuss how not to jeopardize your financing during the time between pre-approval and closing. Finally, we will make sure you understand what to expect for closing costs, the closing process and help you find movers, cleaners and contractors you may require. For a detailed review of the buyer process click here.